The Youth Fellowship is open to all over the age of eleven and is held every Friday night at 8:15 pm in the Youth Fellowship room at the back of the main building.

A warm friendly welcome awaits you at the Young People’s Fellowship where about 60 young people meet in a less formal atmosphere for fellowship and also to learn more about the bible and how relevant it is for today’s young adults who are under increasing peer pressure to conform to the world.

After the meetings the young people catch up with each other over some light refreshments and the lights usually need to be turned off to persuade the young people it is time to go home!

There are many varied activities during the year when the Youth Fellowship hosts other Young People’s Fellowships and also travels to other churches to take their meetings. The Youth Fellowship not only aims to meet the spiritual needs of the young people but also throughout the year there are many outings and sports activities which bring the young people together for some fun. This includes the days out to the Ice Bowl, Karting, trips to Portrush and five-a-side football.

The highlight of the year is the youth camp where the young people spend four or five days away together. Some memorable trips to Scotland and other destinations throughout Ireland have bonded the young people together as they not only enjoy a great holiday but also grow closer to the Lord as they realise the Christian life is not just about meetings on Sundays but a way of life which gives contentment and some of the best friends you are ever likely to meet.

The aim of the youth fellowship is to reach young people with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and also build up Christians in their faith.

Youth Fellowship

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